User Guide

  • Introduction
    An overview of the capabilities of Panel.
  • Overview
    A high-level overview of the user guide and key concepts in Panel.
  • Components
    An introduction to the three main component types: Widgets, Panes and Panel layouts.
  • Customization
    How to customize the visual appearance, layout and size of Panel components.
  • Deploy & Export
    Introduction to displaying, exporting and deploying panel apps
  • Interact
    Quickly making a panel using interact().
  • Widgets
    Declaring and working with Panel widgets.
  • Parameters
    Using Param to express panels in a self-contained class.
  • Linking
    Defining links between Panel objects in Python and Javascript.
  • Pipelines
    Using Parameterized classes to declare linear workflows containing multiple panels.

Supplementary guides

  • Django Apps
    How to embed a panel/bokeh app inside a Django deployment